Summer in the City: A Sampler of Summer 2013’s New Local Music



If you pick up this week's dead-tree edition of the Scene, you'll find a me-penned feature by the name of "Summer in the City: A sampler of summer 2013's best and breeziest new local music." The mix features 11 recently released tunes recorded here and/or recorded by locally residing musicians, along with my general appraisal of each track. Contributor Stephen "Goose" Trageser was kind enough to round up all 11 of the featured tracks (each of which can be purchased, streamed and/or downloaded for free somewhere online) and plant them on his Soundcloud page. Thanks, Goose! Stream the mix here or above, and follow me after the jump to see the full track list, along with links to where you can get your digital paws on each individual track.

1. Bully, "Brainfreeze" [Stream]
2. Deer Tick, "The Rock" [Stream]
3. Oblivians, "I'll Be Gone" [Stream or download]
4. Ducko McFli feat. Chancellor Warhol, "Palm Trees" [Stream or download]
5. Diarrhea Planet, "Kids" [Stream]
6. Kink Ador, "Sunshine" [Stream or download]
7. Brendan Benson, "New Words of Wisdom" [Stream or download]
8. Amanda Shires, "Devastate" [Stream]
9. Ben Spinks Supermelt, "D" [Stream or download]
10. Resort and Spa, "Living in the Future" [Stream or download]
11. Rayland Baxter, "Bad Things" [Stream]

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