Spurgeon's General Warning: Runaway



When I was a youth, I read a book featuring true stories of teen runaways. It was meant to be a warning, about all of the terrible beatings you'll get and the prostitution you'll be forced into and the drugs that will kill you and the love that is denied. Maybe they found Jesus at the end? I can't recall. But I never had any plans to run away, which is why I read it as the salacious trash novel that it actually was. I recently had a fruitless Amazon search for the damn thing, to this soundtrack ...

Del Shannon, “Runaway”

This is a pretty bizarre television performance — Shannon has a coven of girls bouncing around him counter-clockwise, and it comes off like some kind of ritual or incantation. I suppose they’re supposed to be “running away,” but it looks kind of exhausting and you almost hope one of the dancers trips and creates a domino effect around the platform.

Kanye West, “Runaway”

Speaking of using dancers as set dressing, here’s Kanye West! I refuse to say that I love him in spite of his ego and hubris, because truly I love him for it. The only thing I’ve ever considered purchasing from Etsy were these hand-stitched renditions of Kanye tweets. My current Twitter bio is a recent Kanye quote: “I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things.” Amazing. His personality is like a less annoying John Lennon (DEAL WITH IT), and I’m also pretty sure Kanye West has never beaten up a woman.

Slade, “Run Runaway”

Slade, arguably one of the ugliest bands of the 20th century, is also one of my favorites and one of the most under-appreciated. I know I’ve mentioned how they make every Christmas a little brighter, but they also made me appreciate the electric fiddle. Six No. 1 hits in the U.K. Sixteen in the U.K.’s Top Ten. And all they had to do was make banging songs.

Bon Jovi, “Runaway”

Bon Jovi also has a song titled “Runaway.”

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