The Week in Fresh Tracks [William Tyler, Square People, Rayland Baxter, Resort and Spa, William Wolf, More]



It's already been a notable week when it comes to fresh tracks — first there was the brand-new anthem "Kids" courtesy of Limp Bizkit-approved punkers Diarrhea Planet, and then we got a heaping helping of acoustic action from local psychedelic wizard Matt Moody. Also, the folks behind Summerdaze — the Rock Block fest slated for July 6 at The End and Exit/In — recently shared a mix featuring tunes from Turbo Fruits, Fly Golden Eagle, The Kingston Springs, Promised Land Sound, Sol Cat, Birdcloud, Majestico and What Up English; great stuff. But that ain't all, oh no. Follow me below to hear: wonderful folk soundscapes from William Tyler; bedroom-punk mischief from the late, great Square People; bluesy folkin' from Rayland Baxter; disco pop from Resort and Spa; and sexy R&B from William Wolf. Look back at past weeks in fresh tracks here, and as always, if you've got something for us, email cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

William Tyler, Folkadelphia Session

Virtuosic local guitarman William Tyler has been touring hard on his Merge debut, Impossible Truth, and back in April, he stopped in at "folk-adjacent online radio show" Folkadelphia to perform a handful of his tunes — namely, "Cadillac Desert," "Country of Illusion," "Missionary Ridge" and "We Can't Go Home Again." Recorded at the XPN Performance Studio, all four tunes are now available to stream, so hear them above or at Folkadelphia's Bandcamp page. Always pleasant to hear Willy T. doing his thing.

Square People, "Disappointment" and "Suspension of Disbelief"

So, local experimentalist Christopher Murray has unfortunately put his far-out, hyperactive bedroom-punk act Square People to bed, but not without one final dose. Murray recently posted demos of his tunes "Disappointment" and "Suspension of Disbelief," and both songs are the sort of deconstructionist but highly musical, punkish anti-pop that smart people like R. Stevie Moore, Devo and Suburban Lawns made/make. But of course, Square People has a flavor all its own, and I've personally long been a fan of Murray's jazz-pop saxophone noodling. "Tell me 'Disappointment' isn't a better punk song than you've heard from a punk band locally?" says Murray. I'll let you guys be the judge of that. Stream both songs above or at Murray's Soundcloud page.

Rayland Baxter, "Bad Things"

On Aug. 20, local folk rocker Rayland Baxter will release his ashkeLon EP via ATO Records, and he's just unleashed a little preview by the name of "Bad Things." It's a thumping, blues-rooted tune of lovelorn malady — the devil got up in Baxter's brainspace, it seems, and he's paying for it. You can see an in-studio video of Baxter doing "Bad Things" right here, or stream it above or at ATO's Soundcloud page.

Resort and Spa, "Living in the Future"

Question: What kind of debut tune will you get from a group featuring Kyle Andrews and former members of Heypenny? If you answered "an escapist blast of sugar-coated, worry-free dance-pop by the name of 'Living in the Future'," then you nailed it. Resort and Spa call themselves "disco pop," and "Future" sounds like Daft Punk crossed with Empire of the Sun and a diabetes-inducing dose of bubblegum. Stream it for free, or download it for any price you like over at Resort and Spa's Bandcamp page.

William Wolf, "NLFL" and "Zombie State"

It's a bit outside of the Cream's typical wheelhouse, but that doesn't mean it isn't worthy of a bump. Coming to us courtesy of Break on a Cloud, Vegas native and current Nashvillian William Wolf is a smooth, EDM-rooted R&B artist with a pair of new singles: "NLFL" and "Zombie State," which (respectively) are a libidinous, sexy sex jam and a catchy little thumper of a drug-and-fast-times anthem. Hear both songs above, or stream them at Wolf's Soundcloud page.

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