Mount Moriah w/Jesse Sykes and Natalie Prass Tonight at The High Watt



Well, maybe you're interested in seeing prolific indie/emo songster Owen (aka Mike Kinsella of American Football and Joan of Arc, and also Tim Kinsella's little bro) do his thing at The End tonight with Slingshot Dakota. That's cool. Contributor Ryan Burleson wrote a Critic's Pick on that one for us. Similarly earnest (but perhaps more in vogue) North Carolina indie-folk outfit and recent Merge Records signees Mount Moriah, however, will be playing at The High Watt. Contributor Chris Parker spoke with Moriah frontwoman Heather McEntire and put together a feature for us. Here's a little excerpt:

Their debut spun sweet country-folk that played on McEntire's honeyed vocals and [guitarist Jenks] Miller's gift for bite-size hooks, something of a holdover from their first collaboration, the pop-minded and relatively short-lived Un Deux Trois. Their personalities are increasingly evident on [their latest LP] Miracle Temple, as McEntire invests more emotion in her vocals and Miller provides greater guitar detail in the form of subtle drones, textures and tension.

Overall, the songs are taut and watertight. It's Americana that sounds as informed by Yo La Tengo as Gillian Welch. The cover image of a barn engulfed in flames effectively illustrates the album's attitude.

"It represents rebirth and having to kind of burn something down to build it back up," McEntire says by phone from her North Carolina home. "On another level you have this very American image, this barn, right? And then the fire touches on some religious stuff, but mostly it's not being afraid to turn tradition on its head a bit."

Show starts at 9 p.m. and costs $10. Fellow folk-tinged indie rocker Jesse Sykes will open, along with Nashville's own excellent shape-shifting pop songstress Natalie Prass.

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