Bonnaroo Saturday Comedy [David Cross, James Adomian]



First things first: We were unable to get tickets to see Ed Helms' Whisky Sour Radio Hour thanks to a very early-forming line that seemed to be longer than the one for noted vagina dentata victim Daniel Tosh. Disappointing for us personally, but heartening to know in practice. Hat-tip to Jane from Nashvile’s Corporate Juggernaut comedy collective for letting us know that he was joined by David Cross on some banjo shenanigans, plus The Lumineers, so good for those early birds.

Luckily, we did get in to see the full Cross set on Saturday afternoon. We diligently queued up and made friends with a guy who said he “never really watched” Arrested Development because he was 12 years old at the time. His girlfriend, a voting-age human adult, would have been around eight. Thanks for that, kids. Anyway, opener James Adomian was pretty fantastic. A talented impressionist, he opened with a story about the people you’d meet at the Atlanta airport, like a man whose hobby is to be Santa Claus at Civil War reenactment battles. His New York people were brassy and dickish, his L.A. people were laid-back and dickish, and his Floridan accent was “just like Georgia with better cocaine.” About a third of the way through his set, he dropped the gay bomb (i.e., he is a gay man who does not necessarily "read" as gay). For the majority of his performance from there on out, he riffed on the Gay Villain stereotype in entertainment, from Transformers to The Little Mermaid.

And David Cross. As mentioned, we saw him at the Paul McCartney show on Friday night — or as he called it, “the Beatles cover band.” Cross said the fireworks and fire blasts during the McCartney show were kind of a ripoff, considering how mind-blowingly wealthy the man is (“he makes like a million dollars every eight seconds”), and he resented the cheapness of it. Though we couldn’t quite relate to that level of curmudgeon, we did — thanks to those infant children we chatted with in the ticket line — nod in recognition over the fact that having no idea that an “I’m in Miami, Bitch” T-shirt was a reference to an LMFAO song, and not knowing that makes one not cool anymore. We’re all getting less cool by the day, people. A couple of friends mentioned to us that Cross' stand-up at Bonnaroo this year seemed “less dark” than they’d seen him in the past, and this was after he mentioned that some of those children killed at Sandy Hook “could have grown up to be real assholes.” Cross' hyper-liberal, out-atheist, misanthropic bits lost about a quarter of the audience, but don’t worry, he won everyone back with tales of poop colonics and realizing what a coward he would be (“Pleeeeease, no”) if ever confronted with a violent situation. A good set, all things considered. Still wish we could have seen him dick around on the banjo, though.

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