Bonnaroo Friday Comedy, 6/14/13 [Daniel Tosh]



The big comedy deal of the day and logistical rigamarole for the hard-working folks at the Comedy Tent was the Daniel Tosh/Jerrod Carmichael cavalcade of douchebaggery. To be fair, the people who started lining up for the show a good four-and-a-half hours in advance were pretty cool: We ran into some nice kids from Chicago and some nice married men from Atlanta. But there’s no accounting for taste. Once the first group got into the tent, they were too excited to sit: There was intermittent pre-show cheering and three instances of the wave. The crowed skewed younger (late teens and early 20s) and male.

Jerrod Carmichael set the stage by starting off with a bit about Top Chef: Domestic Violence, wherein women make sandwiches, etc. You get it. There were a quite a few jokes like that. Beyonce song titles are “too ambitious for most of the bitches that listen to Beyonce” and some lite rape humor. He did make us laugh a little: His funniest bit was about his love for Denzel Washington, which extends to the point he’d like to have Washington play Rosa Parks in a film called Tyler Perry Presents the Civil Rights Movement.

About 15 minutes into his first headlining set at Bonnaroo, Tosh made a joke about “bloggers” who mock him, an obvious preemptive strike against lesser, unfamous people (like The Spin) who deign to not enjoy his particular style of casually racist, casually misogynistic comedy. He also mentioned that 15 minutes of fame is “averaged out,” so while you and me will never be famous, he will be famous for “20 years.” Yeah, that’s about how long Andrew “Dice” Clay was famous, right?

Because that’s what his comedy reminds us of: the kind of dated ‘80s shock humor that did not age well. But we suppose every generation of boys and immature men and faltering women need that one brave voice to lash out at chicks, retarded people and foreign people on their impotent behalf. In fact, Tosh received a rousing round of applause from the bros once he mentioned his comedy had a “gender-specific” slant. Slants like how fertility drugs are dumb, because “Maybe if you weren’t such a cunt in your 30s, you’d be a mother in your 40s,” and since women’s suffrage happened about 60 years after slavery ended, Hillary Clinton (a woman) will have to wait 60 years to achieve anything after Barack Obama (black guy). Men stop liking sex with women after a while because “your snatch has spoiled.” That sort of thing.

Also, retarded kids and ginger kids are unlovable, and China is full of violin math ninjas. Daniel Tosh, everyone.

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