Spurgeon’s General Warning: Scotland!



Earlier this morning I was thinking about Scottish band Camera Obscura and their North American tour, which is not coming through Nashville. Naturally, this diversion took me down that great 21st century time-waster and infinite rabbit hole, Wikipedia. The “Scottish musical groups” page contains the usual suspects: your Belle and Sebastians, your Cocteau Twins, your Stealers Wheels. But there’s something else about a lot of Scottish acts I couldn’t help but notice: Some of the more under-the-radar or defunct bands have terrible, terrible names.

Red Hot Chili Pipers, “We Will Rock You” & “Eye of the Tiger”

Watching this video, I am struck by the cynic’s conundrum: Is this something stupid that should be mocked, or is this something that would be very fun to attend while very drunk? On the one hand, their name is a pun. I also do not know exactly how long I could endure bagpipes. On the other hand: This kind of looks great? I can’t decide.

Hugh Reed (and the Velvet Underpants)

Thanks for not making any of the videos embeddable! Here is the intriguingly titled “TECHNODRUGS” and another song called “Six to Wan.” The Wikipedia page is actually where most of the fun is: It's a functionally illiterate mélange of words theoretically composed by a native English speaker which answers no questions one might have about this band. An example, [sic] throughout:

The first set this band ever played consisted of four songs. 'Sweet Jane' 'Walk on the (Clyde)wild)side Waiting for the Man', 'White light/Heat', 'Get it On', all in support of Pas the Gas, a Glasgow band that never came to much, but contained several great musicians

Glasgow sounds great. Let’s all go to Glasgow.

SHITDISCO, “I Know Kung Fu”

1. STOP YELLING AT ME WITH YOUR BAND NAME, and 2. Poor guys instantly dated themselves with a Matrix reference. That said, I feel as if I read about this band during the early part of the century. I listened to several songs and none of them rang a bell, but the name, unsurprisingly, has stuck with me. Perhaps one day someone (hopefully not you, you have better hobbies) will build a “Bands Named After Poop” Wikipedia page featuring these guys, Diarrhea Planet and Fecal Matter. 

I’m sure there are others.

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