One Week to Go for Sons of Sweden's New Album, Art and Film Kickstarter



Nashville (by way of Brooklyn by way of Seattle by way of Akron) singer-songwriter Kate Tucker and her band Sons of Sweden have a Kickstarter project going to fund their new record The Shape the Color the Feel, which does not appear to be a concept album about cotton. There's a whole area of artistic endeavors strung together here, such that they're subtitling their Kickstarter "1 Record / 9 Films / 8 Filmmakers / 7 Cities. A community supported collaboration of music, film, photography and visual art." A bit more on that from a release:

The band is recording an album with Nashville producer Konrad Snyder (Kopecky Family Band) and then turning the songs over to eight filmmakers who will create short films and music videos based on the songs, providing each song with its own unique visual form. The band has given the filmmakers complete creative license and will be collaborating with them to varying degree. The Nashville filmmakers involved are 48 Hour Film Fest winners Drew Maynard and Wes Hartline, Josh Link, Marshall Burnette, and Silver Point Studios owner Jason Smythe.

Is it a coincidence that Nashville-based HuffPo columnist Radley Balko has a book on the militarization of America's police forces coming out and also wrote about KTATSOS? Well, yeah. But he calls the project "an effort to bring the best of the past and present together," meaning old-school musical and artistic symbiosis funded and promoted in new-school ways. Sweet. Also sweet is this acoustic rendition of the dream-poppy number "Island of the Misfit" recorded in the Ryman Lofts:

As for the album fundraising effort, they're 37 percent of the way there with one week to go, which means you could snag a vinyl test pressing, autographed artwork or other backer incentives. Go start their kick if it strikes your fancy.

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