Spurgeon’s General Warning: Pillz



I believe this is the first-ever instance where the name of the blog matches up with the overall theme. Here is an article from 2011 where the actual U.S. Surgeon General had to walk back statements about people taking potassium iodide pills as a possible precaution against radiation poisoning (Really? Huh.) due to the nuclear unpleasantness Japan suffered after that tsunami two years ago. This theme, however, focuses more on the recreational side. Spurgeon’s General Warning is Pills: Be Careful With That Shit.™

The Rolling Stones, “Mother’s Little Helper”

Arguably the most famous song about pills, this particular video goes literal with the “What a drag” line. It’s about barbiturates abuse, which is very depressing, particularly because bored ‘60s housewives would probably have preferred uppers.

D12, “Purple Pills”

Drugs Mentioned: Uppers, downers, blue pills, yellow pills, purple pills, mushrooms (x4), Valium (x2), cocaine (x2 insufflated), cocaine (x2 smoked), acid (x2), ecstasy (x2), Mescaline, “two lines” of mostly chalk, heroin (x2), marijuana (x2), gin, speed.

To date, none of the members of D12 have died from anything drug-related, though Eminem has been to rehab.

The Hold Steady, “Ask Her for Adderall”

In 2011, there were approximately 14 million prescriptions written for Adderall every month in the United States. That’s the same number of girls and women forced into marriage every year worldwide, the same number of people in the U.S. on disability, the number of people who speak Shanghainese (a specific Chinese dialect in and around Shanghai ... Jesus, China is huge), the population of Istanbul, and the first great apes evolved 14 million years ago. So, like, a lot.

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