Pretty and Nice Tonight at Charlie Bob's



Welcome back from the holiday weekend, friendos. Bostonians Pretty and Nice will play tonight at Charlie Bob's out there on Dickerson Pike, and if you're a fan of angular and smartly arranged indie rock — or are just looking for an excuse to see a show at C-Bob's — I'd say this is the thing to do with your evening. Yours truly wrote a Critic's Pick for the show, and here's how it goes:

Boston’s Pretty and Nice have probably spent at least a little bit of time poring over Stiff Records’ output — this year’s Golden Rules for Golden People (out via Equal Vision, but that doesn’t mean you should lump them with E.V.’s emo and hardcore acts like Bane, Eisley and Say Anything) is the sort of angular power pop that suggests an affinity for Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello and Wreckless Eric. But like fellow playful indie-pop contemporaries Miniature Tigers or even Les Savy Fav, P&N toy with arrangement and structure, filling their urgent, up-tempo, explosive indie-rock numbers with starts and stops, random melodic forays and busy instrumental bursts. Like any pop-minded rock ’n’ roll outfit should, Pretty and Nice like to push the boundaries, see what they can get away with and, it seems, never play the same part twice. Music to cut a rug to, if you don’t mind occasionally having said rug pulled right out from under you. —D. PATRICK RODGERS

Have a look at P&N's video for the tune "Q_Q" above. It's one of the catchier cuts from the album, and the vid — which parodies the mad-hustle approach of many a young band at SXSW every year — is a good one. I've been told that tonight's show will likely start around 9 p.m.

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