Screen Cap of the Week: Paul McCartney Playing June 28 at The High Watt?



... That was your first mistake.
  • ... That was your first mistake.

File this under the Department of Internet Bots Making Dumb Mistakes That We All Get to LOL At — the same department that gave us Bruce Springsteen's show at Mercy Lounge and Rush's appearance at Loveless Barn. According to Bandsintown — whose slogan is "We live for live music" but considering the circumstances should perhaps be "We're turned on by live music" — Macca will play The High Watt on June 28. Could it be?! Sir Paul will of course be taking the long and winding road down to Manchester, Tenn., in June, where he'll be headlining Bonnaroo. Perhaps he's camping out for a while, planning to pop up for a very scaled-down performance at the small-capacity High Watt?

No. Of course not. Bandsintown's aggregators made a mistake. As you can see at this ticket link, Wings Over Nashville — a tribute to Paul McCartney and Wings — will be playing the Watt on the 28th. The false listing even made its way onto Ticketmaster's Macca page, though I imagine that will be corrected before too long.

Update: The listing has been corrected.

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