New Music City Mini-Doc Talks Nashville Rock 'n' Roll, Kings of Leon and Serpents and Snakes



At the ultra-hip corner where rock 'n' roll fashion intersects with rock 'n' roll music, you'll find this new mini-doc created by British clothing retailers AllSaints — it's called New Music City, and as you can see above, it profiles Nashville's music scene and Kings of Leon's label, Serpents and Snakes Records.

The 10-minute clip opens with S&S general manager Seth Riddle vowing that he's "never seen anything like Nashville" — it's "cheap as fuck" with a venue on every corner and 10 studios on every block. From there, we see: Rick of Dino's calling our town a "melting pot"; footage of JEFF the Brotherhood's gigantic Freakin' Weekend show at Exit/In back in March; Kings of Leon's Caleb, Nathan and Jared Followill talking about the "new Nashville sound" and their mission statement with Serpents and Snakes (i.e., to expose rock bands that weren't getting enough attention); The Features explaining that the Followills have "brought a lot to this city"; Turbo Fruits, The Weeks and Snowden further noting that Caleb & Co. are Music City's great rock 'n' roll benefactors; imports Clear Plastic Masks exclaiming that they love New York, "but Nashville is our town"; and footage from Serpents and Snakes' AllSaints-sponsored SXSW 2013 showcase, which we of course mentioned in our SXSW recap. The mini-doc closes with Caleb Followill saying, "Hopefully our label will be the label that really spawns a lot of great bands." Well, of course, you can certainly make the case that Spongebath, Infinity Cat and several others already did a lot of that, but I won't argue that he doesn't have some serious quality on that roster.

AllSaints also posted performance videos from The Kingston Springs, Promised Land, The Weeks and Snowden, and you can see all of those after the jump.

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