Wild Cub's Misfortune Featured in New York Times; See Them Open for Ellie Goulding Tonight at the Ryman



In a story with an opening paragraph that reads like the intro to a Twilight Zone episode, local electro-pop outfit Wild Cub was recently featured in the New York Times. You see, the band — which has been touring behind last year's Youth since its release (see our review here) — was recently robbed in New York. In Brooklyn — specifically, in a place NYT writer Michael Wilson refers to as "Hindsight" — the Cubbies' 15-passenger 1997 Chevrolet van was broken into.

While much of the band's gear was stolen, the drums were salvaged thanks to one good Samaritan. It's all detailed in the story, but follow me after the jump to read an excerpt. (Ignore the bit in which Wilson says it's improbable for a melodic electronic pop band to be from Nashville. You know, considering our diversity.)

It was April 29, a great day off between shows. The band took in a Mets game and went bowling in Williamsburg. Their first show, at the Mercury Lounge a few nights earlier, had been a success, and they were excited to be playing Webster Hall the following night, opening for Atlas Genius. The show was sold out. Wild Cub, a melodic electronic pop group improbably based in the heart of country music, had been granted the coveted “band to keep an eye on” label by music writers.

That night, no one gave much thought about a van to keep an eye on, and the next morning, Mr. DeWitt returned to find a sheet of paper on the windshield. It was a handwritten note on a letterhead from Primo Uniform Rental Service. The company’s office was nearby.

“Your van was broken into and the drums were left on the street,” the note read. “We put them in our basement for safekeeping. Call # below.”

Someone had broken the lock on the van’s back door. Four guitars, including the prized bass and the Stratocaster, two expensive synthesizers and other equipment that police officers would need help to spell — all gone.

It's hard to say that this story has a happy ending, because anything short of Wild Cub getting their gear back with the guilty party rotting in a jail cell isn't a happy ending. But there is good news: Wild Cub will open for British pop starlet Ellie Goulding tonight at the Mother Church of Country Music, improbably enough. Scene freelancer Andrew Clayman spoke with Ms. Goulding in advance of the show, and you can read the resulting feature here (Article Spoiler Alert: Ellie Goulding is an avid long-distance runner who just happens to make popular music).

As I click "publish" on this post, very few tickets to tonight's show remain. But hey, there's always CL. Also, it looks like you can still enter to win a limited-edition Hatch Show Print for the show.

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