Taylor Gags at Bieber; New Tunes From Diarrhea Planet and Plastic Visions; Logue's Wants a Patio [Newsy Bits]


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Well, generally speaking, it appears to be an excruciatingly slow news day. But that doesn't mean we can't scrape together some bits from around the Net with which to wile away the rest of our Monday!

* You may know that Taylor Swift practically annihilated last night's Billboard Music Awards, taking home eight of the 11 trophies for which she was nominated and telling fans, "You are the longest and best relationship I've had." Aww. Well, Babygirl Tay-Tay also happened to catch a glimpse of Justin "I Should Be Taken Seriously" Bieber getting his kissy-face on with Spring Breakers star and on-again-off-again boo Selena Gomez. The moment was immortalized in GIF form, and you can see that over there on the left. Hardly worth mentioning, but here we are!

* Locals Diarrhea Planet just debuted their song "Separations" via Pitchfork. It's a brief, breezy and guitarmony-laden punk-pop number that sounds to me reminiscent of DP cohorts Fucked Up — smitten P4k writer Jayson Greene notes that "three of [the guitarists] seem to be playing the same power chords while the fourth finger-taps 'Muppet Babies' versions of Van Halen solos." "Separations" will be featured on DP's forthcoming LP I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

* Plastic Visions just debuted their brand-new eponymous EP via Consequence of Sound. The Visions of course dropped their "Kamikaze" video on Friday, and I called the tune "a snotty, blown-out, three-minute fuzz-pop burner that lands somewhere in the vicinity of Flaming Lips' psychedelic art rock" for the second time. The rest of the EP follows suit, redlining and buzzing through punky arrangements and bratty lyrics.

* Logue's Black Raven Emporium is the East Side haunt known for hosting screenings in its Cult Fiction Underground movie theater, not to mention hosting occasional rock 'n' roll shows. Well, they want to build a patio in time for their "Charles Bukowski vs. Hunter S. Thompson Beer Bash," and they're doing the Indiegogo thing (who needs Kickstarter?). If you're feeling benevolent, get your donation on. There are incentives.

* Oh, and Jann Wenner's kid runs RollingStone.com now.

That's everything on the Internet today.


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