Bad Cop's 'Light On' [Fresh Vid]



Just about two weeks ago, we at the Scene ran the first feature in our ongoing print-edish series Label Makers, profiling those lovable punk rockers behind local label Jeffery Drag Records. For the piece, I spoke with JDR honcho Adam Moult — he also happens to be frontman of the label's flagship outfit, Bad Cop — who promised that his band's forthcoming Brad Schultz-produced Light On EP would be a lot more Bowie-esque and pop-minded than past Cop releases. Well, here's your chance to see if it's true.

Bad Cop just debuted their black-and-white, Seth Graves-directed video for "Light On" (from Light On), and it features some basement rocking and sinister imagery, not to mention a handily catchy little riff and a cameo from Story Rae of local metal outfit Choking on Ash. Get a load of the vid above. By the way, Jeffery Drag's "The Drag" single series dropped yesterday with a fresh video and single from grunge-sters Fancytramp. So, what do you think? Summer of the Drag?

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