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There's plenty of high-quality rock 'n' roll going around this weekend, but maybe you're looking for something a little different. How about a little experiment in musical vandalism? Tony Youngblood, creator of the Circuit Benders' Ball, curator of Theatre Intangible, and sometime Scene/Cream/Country Life contributor, may have just the show for you.

At Noa Noa (aka his home just off Eighth Avenue near Wedgewood), Youngblood will host the second in a series of experimental performances. Four artists will perform sets based on the theme "Defacing Purity." It's up to their interpretation of that title how they want to proceed, but we can bet it's going to get pretty wild; you remember that "I felt like destroying something beautiful" scene in Fight Club, right? [Link redacted for sanity/work safety.] Think of an audio sample as Jared Leto's face and you'll get where I'm going with this.

According to Tony's recent post, the evening will kick off with Adán de la Garza, a professor from Watkins, torturing the test tones from high-fidelity turntable alignment LPs. Next, Josh Gumiela will get his Mr. Kurtz on with the signals from a short-wave radio. Then, Austin Peay New Media professor Morgan Higby-Flowers will attack what I believe some folks call a circuit synthesizer, in which a variety of devices feed back into each other without any input signal. Capping it all off, one of our finest party-rocking DJs, Pimpdaddysupreme, will go all Victor Frankenstein on some warped, broken or otherwise abused vinyl.

Pop music it's not. Experimental performances can honestly be sometimes a little harsh on the ear. However, these are pros who have explored their equipment and its capabilities to do things that the designers never intended — a fascinating show in itself. Maybe you've caught one of PDS' performances in a club, either on his own or working with an MC, but you owe it to yourself to see the guy at work in a different context, like we did at last year's Circuit Bender's Ball!

Doors open at 8:30, and the show starts at 9 sharp. The show is free, open to the public, and will likely be outdoors if weather permits. As always with house shows, please respect the hosts and their neighbors! As per the Facebook event, park in the front lawn or at a closed business nearby. Bring your own beer, a sense of adventure, and possibly some earplugs.

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