Jonny Fritz on Morning TV; Buffalo Clover Covers Skip James; Milktooth Covers Mumford and Sons [Vidsy Bits]



* Road-dawgin' Music City trad-country jester Jonny Fritz recently popped in for a performance on Kansas City Live — which of course airs "weekdays at 10 a.m. on your 41 Action News station." Fritz and his good buddy and longtime fiddlin' sideman Josh Hedley played a couple of tunes ("Ain't It Your Birthday" and "Fever Dreams") for KCL, and they sound pretty solid. But my favorite bit is a take that didn't make the air; hop after the jump to see Fritz and Ol' Hed getting a seemingly insurmountable case of the giggles right in the middle of "Birthday." It happens to all of us, boys.

* As avid Cream readers will recall, local roots-rocking outfit Buffalo Clover is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the release of their Test Your Love. Test was recorded at Andrija Tokic's Bomb Shelter over on the East Side, and if you look after the jump, you'll find a video of the Clover clan covering Skip James' "Drunken Spree."

* And finally, Milktooth is still at that "Stay Home America" series of theirs, covering tunes by folks like Beck, The xx and more. In their latest installment, you'll find Milktooth covering Mumford & Sons' "Whispers in the Dark" at the Axis building. Watch that after the jump, or download the track — along with the rest of Milktooth's covers — via Bandcamp.

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