Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Fyutch, Rio, Malcolm Dewayne, Lil Milt]



So, are you guys ready for Party & Bullshit: The George Jones Edition? Neither am I. While I'm fine with bending the rules for just about any reason, dedicating my hip-hop column to one of country music's greatest voices is a stretch even for me. Plus, we've got some awesome new records this week. First off, we've been waiting on the new EP from Fyutch, Peace, Love & Fyutch, ever since he dropped the kush-hop lead single "Black Shades," and it totally delivers. It's five tracks of laid-back, psyched-out grooves under Fyutch's masterful, well-researched party flow — you can't really go wrong with that combination. This is a hi-fi trip down the rabbit hole and a really fun listen, especially if you're prone to identify with songs about superheroes. I happen to spend a lot of time with Comixology lately, so this record speaks to me, man.

Now let's do some more partying and bullshittin' ...

* Rio's latest video from the excellent Good Morning Dreamer album, "Sex & Sativa," is about exactly what you think it is about. And that's pretty rad. (Side note: I still think I should rename this column "Young Dudes Smoking Weed".)

* The former Mac Lethal and/or Mac tha Knife, Malcolm Dewayne, is back with a flange-heavy funker that has a really surprising sense of tension, which I like. It's a little rough around the edges — more delay on the vocals maybe? — but I'm hoping we get to hear a more involved project soon.

* Anybody know what happened to Psychokilla and Grinderwolf of "We Don't Give A Fucc Productions"? I'd like to imagine that they still refer to themselves as Psychokilla and Grinderwolf, even though they're probably pushing 40 now. (HT: culture editor Steve Haruch)

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