Acclaimed Electronic Artist/Composer Jason Lescalleet Tonight at The Owl Farm



Anyone fascinated with the outer realms of electronic music will want to rearrange their calendars tonight — that is, unless they're already planning to see Jason Lescalleet at The Owl Farm. We missed Lescalleet's show last year — he "blew the lid off of Cummins Station with his VERY LOUD experimental/tape loops/noise/drone set," says no less an authority than Theatre Intangible's Tony Youngblood — as his LP Songs About Nothing (which bears relation to Big Black's Songs About Fucking in a way similar to that between Exile in Guyville and Exile on Main St.) was getting raves from The New York Times' Ben Ratliff and Pitchfork.

We can't improve upon promoter Chris Davis' description:

Jason's mastery of sonic detail should find an appreciative audience in Nashville since so many folks here will be able to discern what he is doing to extract the wild sounds he does as he dismantles songs into frequencies and tones in a very musical way. He has an uncanny ability to pick sonic nuances out of tape loops and amplify these to such a degree that the background and foreground change places and the subtle nuance becomes the main theme. His last performance in Nashville started with a tape of AC/DC "Back in Black" which was deftly unmade in a seamless mix and reassembled at the very end as a propulsive Justin Timberlake dance track. Other of his music is overtly noise. Some is melancholic piano. But it is all done at a very high level of compositional skill.

Check out the performance clip above for a taste, which ranges from beautiful to hair-raising. (The frequencies in one song evidently sent my dog out of the room.) Lescalleet appears 9 p.m. tonight at The Owl Farm, 811 Dickerson Pike unit i, with Terror'ish and Paul McCullars.

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