Ttotals' 'Life Thus Far Out' [Fresh Vid]



As we mentioned last month, local outer-blues/psych duo Ttotals will release their Spectrums of Light 7-inch on April 26. But wait, back up a second — they've recently contributed a tune by the name of "Life Thus Far Out" to Sonic Cathedral's Psych for Sore Eyes 7-inch EP. That's already sold-out (boo!), but you can still see the video for "Life Thus Far Out" above (yay!).

Anyhow, Ttotals' Marty Linville-directed video is quite a well-shot affair, complete with an intriguing premise — some paranormal "automatic drawing," some clandestine briefcase-swapping, some appropriately psychedelic imagery, and a cameo from the Silver on Black art work. Good stuff; give it a look.

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