Remember Kennedy? Here She Is (Poorly) Interviewing JEFF the Brotherhood at Coachella



All right, let me provide a little bit of background for the younguns among us. Long ago, in a time known as the '90s, MTV (which was and still is an acronym for "Music Television," if you can believe it) featured music-centric programming. One program that ran on MTV throughout the '90s was known as Alternative Nation, and it was hosted by a young lady by the name of Kennedy. Kennedy was known for conducting interviews, some of which tended to meander, while others just went clean off the rails.

Well, Kennedy now hosts Music in the Mornings on KYSR 98.7 FM in Los Angeles, and as you can see above, she and her fellow KYSR DJ Kade recently spoke with our own hometown heroes JEFF the Brotherhood at Coachella. Between mislabeling JEFF's music as "lo-fi," randomly saying the word "analog" after being told that Hypnotic Nights was recorded in a very expensive studio and talking about the reality-television program Splash, Kennedy manages to let brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall (and newbie JEFF members Christina Norwood and King Karl) speak just a little bit. All the while, Kade yucks it up like a good radio DJ ought — grinning and laughing nervously like your mom trying to keep Thanksgiving civil while your weird, inebriated aunt asks everyone bizarre questions.

Interview highlight: "Well, I think that if [this interview] was a race car, you'd need to tighten up the suspension," says Karl, "and, like, lead it into the corners." So, needless to say, Karl for the absolute win here.

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