Getting Lathed: Welcome to 1979 Will Start Cutting Vinyl



Welcome to 1979
As many Scene and Cream readers are already aware, Nashville studio Welcome to 1979 is a haven for vintage recording gear and its attendant methodology. (They'll run Pro Tools for you, too, though.) Word from Sonic Scoop is that owner Chris Mara has added a Neumann VMS-70 vinyl cutting lathe to the inventory:

“There was a great studio in Nashville throughout the 70s called Woodland [now privately owned by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings], and they had tracking rooms, and mastering rooms and a couple of lacquer cutting rooms, and each room had an expert in it, doing their thing. I love the idea of having all these experts working on their respective crafts under one roof. Also, I want to make the process — which can be lengthy, to get an album recorded and pressed — easier for bands and small labels. So they can call one entity, and we can walk them through all the parts.

“Plus, I want to be able to mix a record, and then go downstairs and cut the lacquer. That’s just a bucket-list thing for me.”

Cutting lacquers is not only a logical extension of his business, it’s also a practical one. With a major vinyl pressing plant in town (United) and only one other lacquer cutting facility on Mara’s radar, the demand is there and showing no signs of letting up.

Nifty stuff. Read more here.

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