Mini-Doc on Local Label GED Soul Records [Fresh Vid]


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For those who aren't hip to the hip sounds of GED Soul Records, that's the Murfreesboro-born indie label responsible for releases from local soul and funk outfits including DeRobert and the Half-Truths, The Coolin' System and AJ and the Jiggawatts, among others. The above mini-doc — posted to Roger Shaner's YouTube channel — profiles label co-owner Nick DeVan and director of operations Dave Guy, from the days of The GED Soul Revue on MTSU's college-radio station 88.3 WMTS, on up to cold-selling CDs and 45s at record shops and recording and mastering their own releases. It's an interesting if succinct little rundown of what it's like to operate a DIY indie label — a label that just so happens to have its own singular flavor in Music City. Give it a look.


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