Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Case Arnold x Petty, Fix 15, Pradda, Fyutch, John Dozier, Dispimpin]



First off, I want to thank everybody hollered at me after last week's column. It was good to hear from you. I appreciate all the folks who were like, "Nah bro, this town is poppin'," and I appreciate everybody who was like, "Yeah bro, this shit is fucked." That said, this is actually a pretty good week for the ol' rap music in ol' Nashville! The sun is shining and the weekend forecast is impeccable, so we might as well kick this P&B into high gear. Let's kick it off with the new one from Clarksville native Case Arnold and hometown homeboy Petty. The track is a stunner — smooth, groovin' — but I'm a little too hungover to look at those shirts for too long. Whoever invented Hawaiian shirts surely hates my eyeballs.


* This is what I think our local hip-hop scene needs more of: recognizing that there is more going on in this world than just, well, hip-hop. Yes, this is a show — with a great lineup, no less! — but the shoe-drive component is a nice touch of philanthropy in a scene that can be egregiously narcissistic. I'm looking forward to it.

* Did you guys catch Pradda and Purple Monk opening up for DJ Shadow last week? That shit was off the chaaain. That whole party was unhinged. It ruled. Likewise, the new single from Pradda and Macro is outta control. It's dense, heavy noise-dub with dexterous, left-field flows interwoven to create some really rich stereoscopic textures.

* This new one from Fyutch is even MORE dub-influenced, which, wow, that's a Nashville trend I could get behind. "Black Shades" is a dancehall-friendly stoner chant with a deep, put-your-hips-into-it groove that I'm really diggin'. His new EP drops at the end of the month.

* OK, first off, I can't endorse the insane level of font abuse on this cover. Luckily, I don't have to listen to the cover. The album, on the other hand, has some pretty buttery beats, and Dozier's lackadaisical, off-key flow evokes a less-goofy Biz Markie.

* Let's close it out on that quiet-storm tip. The new one from Island Hustle Society's Dispimpin is seriously smooth, seriously funky. There's a warmth in the production, a lo-fi fuzz at the bottom of the bass tones, that compliments the blaxploitation vibe of the storytelling. Also, it's smooth. Did I mention it was smooth? It's smooth.

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