Catie Cameron Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Publish Local-Rock Novel Ms. Rhythm and Blues



Longtime local-rock types know Beth Cameron — she's the brains, the voice and a bunch of the instruments behind Forget Cassettes, whose "Lady Lazarus" video we debuted yesterday here on the Cream. But she isn't the only Cameron with a creative streak. Catie Cameron, Beth's younger sister, is a would-be novelist who's striving to complete her debut work: Ms. Rhythm and Blues, a "part coming-of-age, part celebration of rock 'n' roll" about "a young woman who, from her teenage years, is obsessed with music, working in a dive-y punk club in Nashville." The first draft of the book is in the can, but Cameron needs some help putting the finished product in the hands of narrative-hungry bookworms.

Cameron has launched a Kickstarter in order to self-publish and promote Ms. R&B. With a goal of $8,000 and a deadline of May 1, Cameron hopes to raise the funds necessary to cover printing (though an e-book version will be available as well), design, marketing, travel related to promotion and, interestingly, royalties — Cameron has subtitled each of the book's chapters with a song lyric, and she of course must pay the songwriters for the use of their words. As with all Kickstarter projects, there are different rewards available for different levels of sponsorship, with prizes in this case starting at an e-book copy of Ms. Rhythm and Blues (for $10) and going all the way up to a private concert from Catie's sister (for $850).

So. Thoughts? Are you pissed that Cameron has the wherewithal — well, the ambition to potentially get the wherewithal, that is — to publish a novel before you publish yours? Are you a rock-scene fixture hoping to make a cameo in the pages of R&B? Know of any hard-edged local-punk-rock anecdotes that you'd like to suggest Cameron include in her second draft? Are you hoping for the next High Fidelity or Anything Goes? Will you pledge?

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