Features Tunes Face off in March Madness-Style Song Derby


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Here’s a fun item for Features fans on a lazy, rainy Friday: Middle Tennessee’s favorite power-pop quartet is putting its own spin on NCAA March Madness brackets, calling on fans to pit their 16 favorite Features songs against each other in a four-round bout to determine the band’s best anthem.

So far, two Features gems — “Thursday” and “Circus” — have made the Cream’s recurring Best Local Rock Songs series. Will those be the two to face off in the final showdown? Or will the glory go to staples like “Lions” and “Exhibit A”? Perhaps the newfangled rookie rocker “This Disorder” will pull an out-of-left-field victory.

Click here to vote, and take a look after the jump to see the list of first-round contenders.

Western Conference:

“Exhibit A” vs. “The Idea of Growing Old”

“Exorcising Demons” vs. “Bumble Bee”

“Thursday” vs. “Blow It Out”

“This Disorder” vs. “How It Starts”

Eastern Conference:

“Lions” vs. “Drawing Board”

“Golden Comb” vs. “Wooden Heart”

“Dark Room” vs. “Circus”

“Rambo” vs. “The Temporary Blues”


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