Jonathan Richman To Play The Stone Fox June 23



Proto-punk innovator, Modern Lover, singular songwriter and captivating performer Jonathan Richman has made something of a tradition out of playing Nashville. And while he's most frequently hit East Side dive The 5 Spot for his annual — well, almost annual ... he skipped 2012 — Music City appearances, word comes to us today that the "Roadrunner" crooner will instead play a swingin' West Side hotspot this go-round.

Richman is slated to perform at The Stone Fox on Sunday, June 23, and tickets are available at this link — those will run you $12 in advance, and $15 on the day of. As in years past — read The Spin's recaps of past performances here and here — Richman will be joined by versatile drummer Tommy Larkins, with whom, in the words of The Spin, he has "a near psychic connection."

For those who've never been lucky enough to catch a Jonathan Richman show in the flesh, I'll just say that it's a hell of a thing. The man's unpredictable but always enchanting performances are peppered with impromptu anecdotes and asides, and his set lists bounce between fan favorites like "I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar" and odes to art and pop icons the likes of Picasso, Vermeer and Keith Richards. Richman plays flamenco-esque runs on a nylon-string acoustic guitar, Larkins following his lead, bolstering each tune with subtle and jazz-inflected grooves on his stripped-down cocktail kit. In short, it's worth $12.

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