Road to Bonnaroo Round Two Tonight at Mercy Lounge


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Round Two in this season's Road to Bonnaroo series goes down this evening at your friendly neighborhood Mercy Lounge, and the competition's looking tough: Ranch Ghost, Little Bandit, Andrew Combs, Hanzelle, Vinyl Thief, Ravello, Blackfoot Gypsies and Shannon Labrie. As you may or may not recall, swingin' soul outfit Alanna Royale took home Round One's trophy, and thus landed the first of three coveted Bonnaroo slots. Our man Lance Conzett puts the "lance" in "freelance" with a Critic's Pick on tonight's festivities:

After last month’s toss-up round of scrappy soul singers, indie rockers and yacht-rock progeny left us with no clear sense of a frontrunner until the die was actually cast in Alanna Royale’s favor, Round Two brings back that familiar feeling of complete and utter conflict. Who are we supposed to cheer for? Hanzelle’s woozy electro pop from Planet Rock? Little Bandit’s wry, tear-in-your-beer country ballads? Ranch Ghost’s Children of the Corn hat collection? Not to mention the mournful pedal steel of Andrew Combs and the National-inspired indie rockery of Vinyl Thief. And that still doesn’t count the underdogs of the match — Blackfoot Gypsies, Ravello and Shannon Labrie. This’ll be a tough one for sure, but only one of these eight bands can win a spot at Bonnaroo. If you want to get your say in the matter, get to Mercy Lounge quick — last month’s free RTB show hit capacity early in the night, and you don’t want to get caught out in the cold. —Lance Conzett

As always, the 8 off 8th is free. But I recommend you heed Mr. Conzett's advice and show up on time.


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