Dawes To Play Today at Grimey's Too (Sold Out), June 9 at the Ryman



Update: Dawes' Grimey's Too in-store today is a pre-order event and is now sold out.

Hey, let's kill two birds with one rootsy stone! Los Angeleno folk-leaning trad-rockers (and sometime collaborators with local hangers-around Jonny "Corndawg" Fritz and John "Deer Tick" McCauley) Dawes will play this afternoon/evening (5:30 p.m.) at Grimey's. Not only that, but just yesterday they announced that they'll be playing the Mother Church of Country Music with Shovels and Rope on June 9, and tickets for that go on sale at this link on Friday, March 22, at 10 a.m. Those will run you $27.50. Captain of this whole damn ship, editor-in-chief Jim Ridley, had a moment with Dawes, and so he wrote a Critic's Pick on today's in-store for us. This is how it goes:

In the past five years, maybe more, I can count on two fingers the time a song I’ve never heard before stopped me cold on the radio and made me pull over. On one of those occasions, I even wrote down on a Steak ’n Shake bag snatches of lyrics to look up when I got home: “ … biscuits and the beans … suggested daily dosage … red moon when it’s full. …” Turns out the song is “A Little Bit of Everything,” from Dawes’ 2011 album Nothing Is Wrong, one of those meaning-of-life ballads that Music Row tunesmiths and earnest singer-songwriters so often attempt at their peril. Here, it’s redeemed by frontman/songwriter Taylor Goldsmith’s morose wit, offbeat detail and sheer generosity of spirit. (As for its breezy SoCal sound, I can only imagine DJs and record-store clerks getting fed up with requests for “that awesome new Jackson Browne song!”) Their new LP Stories Don’t End won’t be out until April 9, but you’ll likely get a taste at this sure-to-be-packed free late-afternoon show. —JIM RIDLEY

See Dawes performing the song in question for Bonnaroo's 2012 Hay Bale Sessions up above. Also, see at 3:25 the reason why Bonnaroo should give artists lanyards or hats or anklets or anything but a damn wristband.

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