Spurgeon’s General Warning: A Dream of Spring


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This ol’ Earth has spun its way around the sun once more, returning us to springtime, arguably the most pagan of all the seasons. Just think about how excited our Neolithic ancestors must have been when they figured out it wasn’t going to be forever winter, killing off the earth as they knew it. Quick, fellas, carve an idol! Spring is still a time to celebrate, of course, and there are three particular, popular songs from a pagan-ish time known as “The 1960s” that bring the season to mind…

The Kinks, “Drivin’”

Not explicitly a song about spring, more like a song about telling everyone and everything to fuck off while you go have a picnic. Is there a more springtime sentiment than that? Porch drinking in the middle of the day, napping in the sunshine on the hard ground in a public park, busting out cute sundresses and sunglasses: They’re all just ways of giving old man winter the bird. You remember birds, right? There’s probably millions of birds outside your window right now.

The Rolling Stones, “She’s a Rainbow”

Spring is a great time to comb your hair, after it’s been shoved up a ratty woolen cap for three months.

The Beatles, “Here Comes the Sun”

George is the best, yes? Yes. Winter is long, and cold, and lonely, but hey, now it’s over! (For a while.) Even I, a person who loves coats and overcast weather and all shades of the color gray (God that phrase is ruined), can appreciate some flowers and sunshine and hanging out.

The Producers, “Springtime for Hitler”

Not at all relevant to the overall premise, but: 1) It does contain the word “spring,” and 2) I just watched this movie again last week, so the song has been in my head.

Now get out of here, go frolic.


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