See Makeup and Vanity Set's 7.25.2148 EP Teaser; Hear 'Praxis' and 'A Prologue' Now [Fresh Vid + Fresh Tracks]



Makeup and Vanity Set — the ongoing project of local electronic experimentalist Matthew Pusti and (now) drummer Christian Williams — is engaging and extremely intriguing, especially for the sci-fi nerds and amateur futurists among us. Last year, MAVS provided the soundtrack for Joey Ciccoline and Sean Wilson's compelling short film 88:88 (read contributor Stephen "Goose" Trageser's words on that here), and now they're embarking on a similarly speculative-fiction-y project. On March 28, MAVS will release an EP by the name of 7.25.2148, and if this little bit of text on their Bandcamp page is any indication, there's some sort of machine- or otherwise-non-human-ruled dystopian landscape at its center:

“They are not long for this world. The human process is simple — they are born into this world and they are purged from it. The lifetimes in between these instances are but finite stored information that eventually retreat from all memory. Their conceit is that they cannot save themselves from this inevitability. Only then do they succumb to the horrors of their human condition.”

"And what of the one who does not?"

"He will. The harvest will soon be complete."

Rad. On MAVS' Tumblr, the phrases "a lot to do with death and life and creation and technology" and "a legit record about the future" have been used to describe both the EP and the double album that will follow. You can watch the trailer for the 7.25.2148 EP above, and listen to the preview tracks "Praxis" and "A Prologue" below (download them for free via Makeup and Vanity Set's Bandcamp page).

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