People Are People in the New Scene, and Some Play Music



Ruby Amanfu at The Basement
The 2013 edition of the Scene's annual People Issue (No. 5, if you're keeping track) is out on stands and live on your Internets at this very moment, featuring 18 Nashvillians, a few of whom can hit a note, hold a note or are otherwise notable.

Among the music types of possible interest to the Cream-masses:

+ Singer, songwriter and Peacocks band member Ruby Amanfu (pictured), who found herself on the 10-year plan, Nashville-wise, but has done pretty well for herself.

+ Mando Mike!

+ West Virginia by way of Las Vegas transplant Theron Denson, who performs under the name Black Diamond (as in Neil, not Heavies).

+ Guitarist, drummer, banjo player, accordionist and just about everything else-ist Rory Hoffman, who holds his guitar funny and is also blind.

+ Black Crowes drummer and radio personality Steve Gorman, who wants to know your favorite team and favorite band.

+ And, of course, cover model Karen Elson, who's been known to duet with Chan Marshall when not performing her own songs.

Dig the whole gang while you're at it.

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