Torres Performs 'Come to Terms,' Chats With Pitchfork



Nashville-based songstress Mackenzie Scott released her debut album under the name Torres just last month. You already know this, of course, because culture editor Steve Haruch reviewed Torres — noting that Scott's "raw talent" is on display therein — and The Spin checked out her release show at The Basement. But did you know that Pitchfork loves Torres? You probably did. They named "Honey" a "Best New Track," and they gave Torres an 8.1 (pretty high praise in P4k land, it would seem).

In continuing their love affair with young Scott, the 'Fork has just posted one of their Special Presentation performance-and-interview vids, this time featuring Torres playing her "Come to Terms." She also talks a bit about why she selected the moniker Torres, about living in Nashville, and about which classic musical inspired her to start singing in high school. (Hint: It's not Cats.) Have a look at that above. Pretty cinematic-looking antiques shop she's playing in, right? Torres will be doing a couple SXSW dates this week (see those here), and her next Nashville show is set for April 6 at Mercy Lounge along with fellow Cream faves Tristen and Forget Cassettes.

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