Tim Chad and Sherry To Put Some Moves on the U.K., Play The End on Friday



So you might remember when Pavement picked local smooth operators Tim Chad and Sherry to play at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival they curated in 2010, and oh how we enjoyed their quietly stormin’ Baby We Can Work It Out. Last fall, an EP dropped via U.K. label Tirk, along with a companion EP of remixes by U.K. producers. Now, the Cream has gotten word from TC&S’s Loney Hutchins that the merry melodians are off to the U.K. for some dates in support of a new self-titled LP!

If the track list is a little confusing, don’t worry — that just means you're paying attention. Tim Chad and Sherry is, according to Hutchins, a repackaging of Baby with a couple of tracks cut out ("This Could Be Our Song" and "Now That's Love") and replaced with three others ("Soft Country," "Beyond" and "What You Need"). So there’s not really a new TC&S album yet, but all of this shuffling is part of an effort to capitalize on the group’s popularity abroad. They’ll head to a Tirk showcase in London, followed by a few more U.K. dates and an appearance on the BBC6 radio show hosted by Marc Reilly (who looks eerily like Pete Townshend).

As to what the future holds, Hutchins had this to say in an email:

Hopefully it puts some wind in the Tim Chad sails. People always say they really dug the original release. Most of the band was simply tied up with Lambchop duties, but now Brian Kotzur, the singer-drummer, has paired things down and put a tighter ship together. He's got a lot of things going for him, especially his collaborations with Harmony Korine, both acting and making music, as well as doing music for magician David Blaine. In the past, the Silver Jews connection also helped, but the very different genres sort of put a limit on that.

Coupled with the club success in the U.K. (and increasingly in the U.S.) being one avenue to mainstream success, this news could spell some big things for TC&S. But before any of this happens, you can still say you saw 'em way back when, if you scoot over to The End Friday night, where you can see them open for Hello Walls and a gaggle of other fine folks. Keep an eye out for my Critic's Pick on that one in this week's forthcoming dead-tree issue of the Scene.

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