Diemonds w/Stallion and Thelma and the Sleaze Tonight at FooBar


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A band called Diemonds is playing tonight at FooBar, and according to a Critic's Pick by Sean Maloney, it sounds like they sound like their name ... sounds. Anyhow, words:

Much to our spell-checker’s — and editor’s — chagrin, we’ve got a serious soft spot for a cleverly and intentionally misspelled band name. Is it a petty way of determining what bands we want to listen to? Maybe. But is it any less valid than whatever criteria normal people use? Our instincts say no — our fiend for misspell has never once led us to a John Mayer or Perry Como record. Anyway, we like the way Toronto scuzz-glam outfit Diemonds spells their name — it’s a little bit fancy and a little bit violent and misanthropic, just like us! Diemonds mine that late-’80s vein of of dressed-to-kill hard rock — think Crüe ’N Roses fronted by Lita Ford — to maximum, delirious effect. Joined by the last local bands you’d ever want to leave in a room full of virgins and a dropper full of acid: the roots-scum rockers Stallion, and malignant psych-fuzz pros Thelma and the Sleaze. Expect a lot more than your average Monday, but don’t expect everything to be spelled correctly. —SEAN L. MALONEY

As noted, Stallion (presumably not this Stallion) and locals Thelma and the Sleaze also play.


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