William Tyler's Impossible Truth Album Teaser [Fresh Vid]



As we reported back in December, notable local guitarist (and Stone Fox co-proprietor) William Tyler will release his Merge Records debut, Impossible Truth, on March 19. (I recommend revisiting that post in order to hear Impossible's excellent "Cadillac Desert.") Well, Tyler's Merge label-daddies recently posted an album trailer to their YouTube channel, and you can see that above.

In the trailer — expertly directed by Zack Wilson, who also did a short film for Tyler's Behold the Spirit a couple years back — Willy T. literally starts at the beginning, explaining that he was "born in the twilight of the Carter Administration" (the thing, not the band). He goes on from there, waxing poetically about growing up in the '80s in the South, our country being one of "illusion," driving on interstates, being born on Christmas and more. Funny that a guy who makes music without lyrics has such a way with words.

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