Courtney Jaye's 'Say Oh Say' [Fresh Vid]



Local self-described "'70s pop/Hawaiian country" songstress and "one of the nicest persons in country music" Courtney Jaye will release her third full-length, the Mike Wrucke-produced Love and Forgiveness, on May 7, and she's just debuted her brand-new video for the tune "Say Oh Say" via USA Today. The video — which was directed by Cream/Scene contributor Seth Graves, and which you can see above — features iconic Nashvillian clothier Manuel as the host of a sort of Midnight Special-esque performance program. Jaye's backing band is played by Sean Thompson and Joey Scala of Promised Land, as well as drummer (and noted designer in her own right) Poni Silver of The Ettes.

"It reminds me of a Blue Oyster Cult song," Jaye tells USA Today. "The melody sort of takes me to that, for some reason. It's one of the more pop-leaning songs on the record." While I personally am not particularly picking up on the BOC similarities (maybe in the bridge a bit?), I detect dashes of Dolly and the breezier side of countrypolitan, as filtered through a sort of contemporary-pop lens. Creamy, dreamy stuff. Give it a look and a listen.

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