Spurgeon's General Warning: Alternate Interpretations



Sometimes things can be other things. Stuff contains multitudes. (That's almost Walt Whitman.) Go through the looking glass or whatever. Have you ever seen something one way and then seen it another? Like watching Reality Bites when you're older than 19 and realizing there is nothing wrong with Ben Stiller, at all, and Winona's little documentary about her self-absorbed friends was never going to go anywhere. Ethan Hawke isn't even that hot. Anyway, here are some songs that could go one way, or another way. Share yours in the comments below, you thoughtful thing you.

The Charlie Daniels Band, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”

Premise: A good ol’ boy defeats the devil in a fiddle contest by sticking with traditional fiddlin’.
Alternate Interpretation: A hubristic yokel defeats the devil in a fiddle contest, because the devil concedes and is a really good sport about it! Class act, that devil. Additionally, gold fiddles are unplayable and Johnny will likely pawn it for drugs. The devil wins, in the end. (Bonus: Check out Anton Chigurh on keys at 1:29 with one arm in a sling.)

J. Geils Band, “Centerfold”

Premise: A young man is dismayed to learn his high-school crush has entered the world of pornography.
Alternate Interpretation: Some dude from high school really hasn’t gotten over it and continues to believe he deserves a say over the life and body of a woman who has clearly never wanted anything to do with him.

Cyndi Lauper, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

Premise: Girls just wanna have fun!
Alternate Interpretation: But they can’t, because everything is terrible. Is any fun actually ever had? That’s all we really want. There’s hassle from parents, working days (IKTR), and boys taking beautiful girls and hiding them away from the rest of the world. That lyric is sad as shit, guys! Plus, the original recording by the songwriter is from a man’s POV and about partying with a bunch of babes.

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