Hurts To Laugh's 'Meet You Underground' [Fresh Vid + Fresh Track]



On Saturday, local self-described surf-metal duo Hurts To Laugh debuted the brand-new video for their tune "Meet You Underground." The Spin had its hands full checking out Count Bass D over at The Stone Fox and thus could not make it, but luckily, H2L uploaded the Elvis Wilson-directed video to the 'Tube. It's a "nihilist vision of the 'rad-life' in the face of 'death after death'" (OK, sure!), and you can watch it above. It's got a flaming skateboard and a circle of flames and ... just a good assortment of flames, really.

While I'll certainly grant Hurts To Laugh the "metal" half of that "surf-metal" mantle they've placed around their own shoulders, I'm not sure I fully agree with the "surf" bit. Anyway, the guitar is sludgy and low (what is that tuned to, drop-Z? Har har), and that's a good, mean riff. You can also stream "Meet You Underground" below, or purchase it for $1 via H2L's Bandcamp page. Dig in.

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