VH1 Classic Profiles Jack White's Triple-Decker Record; Grantland Profiles The Black Keys' Success; Music City Roots Gets National Syndication [Newsy Bits]


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For What It's Worth
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For What It's Worth

* As noted by Rolling Stone, VH1 Classic has a new show by the name of For What It's Worth co-hosted by Gary Dell'Abate (yes, as in "Baba Booey") and Jon Hein. The show is all about "digging through pop culture collectibles to find out what they're really worth," and in the first episode, Dell'Abate and Hein make a trip to Jack White's Third Man Records here in Nashville to discuss the triple-decker record, among other things. The episode will air tonight, but you can watch a little sneak-preview segment with White and his sergeant-at-arms/nephew Ben Blackwell above. Anyway, we all know JW's preference for tangible goods over intangible ones — especially given his recent mission statement as Record Store Day 2013's official ambassador ... even if some locals prefer to emphasize "the content" rather than "the container." Fair enough point.

* And since we're on the topic of rock stars and everything, this seems apropos: Grantland's Steven Hyden has been penning a series by the name of "The Winners' History of Rock and Roll," and the seventh and final installment is all about The Black Keys, "one of the only indie bands of the '00s to break out of the underground rock ghetto and achieve mass stardom." Hyden's piece is a thoughtful and insightful overview of the post-millennial effect of critical praise vs. commercial success and what's become the "no-man's-land between the underground and the mainstream." It also follows along with The Black Keys' arc, which I suppose we know a thing or two about around these parts. Anyhow, good read, even if it's not quite as challenging as the installments about Aerosmith or Linkin Park. Hat-tip to contributor Jewly Hight for sending along that link.

* And finally, this ain't a super-fresh bit, but it's certainly worthy: As noted by Music Row Magazine, local institution Music City Roots, which broadcasts live every Wednesday from Loveless Cafe, will soon be aired by stations across the country. (Here's the full list of affiliates.) Sure, that's great news for MCR, but really, it's good news for the rest of the country.


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