Sam Doores + Riley Downing and the Tumbleweeds, Promised Land, Phil Lee, Webb Wilder and Fred Koller Tonight at The Stone Fox



If you come across the listing for tonight's show at The Stone Fox, you may be a little taken aback at the number of names on the bill. Allow me to break it down for you ever so slightly. At the top of the bill you've got Sam Doores with Riley Downing and the Tumbleweeds — that's just one act with three whole names — who just debuted two new performance videos via American Songwriter (see "I Got Found" above and "Alligator Shoes" after the jump). AS calls the pair of songs "spooky Dust Bowl blues," which I suppose is fair enough, but I'm inclined to call it "Western stomp 'n' crawl" — even though Doores, Downing and the Tumbleweeds are in fact from NOLA, which hasn't been considered "The West" in a couple of centuries. Opening for the Tumbleweeds crew will be local bar-rock torchbearers Promised Land, over whom we've been known to spill ink and pixels from time to time.

But before the youngsters take the stage, the show will open with a songwriters' round featuring Webb Wilder, Phil Lee and Fred Koller. Now, unless your name is either Robert Pollard or Dolly Parton, any one of those aforementioned dudes has probably written more songs than you have. It's Lee, though, who gets the most attention in this instance. Why? Because, as noted by our editor-in-chief Jim Ridley in his recent feature, Lee will soon be relocating to the West Coast. "We can crow all we want about our showing on the Grammys or our travel-section smooch jobs," says Boss Man Jim in his feature, "but what keeps our heads from swelling is somebody like Phil Lee — a roadhouse rounder who for many years supplemented his meager gigging by making meat runs to Tampa, while cutting one of the very best singer-songwriter albums ever recorded here: 2001's You Should Have Known Me Then."

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