A Song for Craig: Lurking in the Craigslist 'Musicians' Community [East Nashville]



Gluttony: way more fun than it ought to be! And today we once again gorge ourselves on the about-to-be-broken dreams of the lonely denizens of Craigslist. I ain't gonna lie: I'm not above laughing at the misfortunes, bad pictures and grammatical abominations of people who are willing to post these sorts of things for all to see. Cruel? Maybe, but what is music about besides putting your life, your hopes and your soul on display for the world to see? If you didn't want anybody to know about your failings, misgivings and irreparable personality flaws, why would you post these things on Craiglist? Fucked if I know. And yes, I get it, I'm going to hell for this. C'est la vie.

So now join us as we cross the Cumblerand to mock the latest and not-so-greatest from our local Craigslist "Musicians Community."


* "Practicing harmonies" could lead to "showcase nights" and "steady fun." It could also lead to your parents placing tearful calls to the police, wondering where you are and if they'll ever see you alive again.


* Nothing says "steaming pile of shit" like declaring your own record "a beautiful masterpiece of a home recorded album." That's too much narcissism even for the East side.


* Drummer wanted for trite, predictable band that would have bored everyone to tears five years ago, but we wouldn't know that because we moved here three weeks ago. Why does everybody keep making jokes about this Avery Barkley dude? Who is that?


* Ideas, we has them! The problem is that we don't have any friends. Doesn't anybody in this town like creative stuff? I mean, creative stuff is creative!


* If they are not impressed with my dour expression and my taste in obscure Euro-Canadian dance pop, then they will certainly be wowed by this impressive array of knobs and switches. And somebody out there has got to appreciate my hat policy.

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