The Civil Wars Team With T Bone Burnett for A Place at the Table Documentary Soundtrack, Donate Proceeds to Charity


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Well, melodious Americana duo and pop sensations The Civil Wars may be kinda-sorta split up, but that isn't stopping previously recorded material from trickling out. Turns out that, in Los Angeles back in August 2011, the pair recorded the soundtrack for the forthcoming documentary A Place at the Table with noted producer and songwriter T Bone Burnett. The film — about the plague of food insecurity in the U.S. — "opens March 1 in theaters nationwide, on iTunes and On Demand everywhere," but the soundtrack will drop Feb. 26 via Sensibility Music. See the full track listing after the jump, and hear "Long Time Gone" — one of three cuts on the album that features performances from both the Wars and T Bone — above. An official release states that the artists and Sensibility "have agreed to donate the label’s net profits and 100% of the producer/artist royalties received to The Participant Foundation." Classy.

Rolling Stone reports that The Civil Wars "put aside any tension for a good cause" and that they "came together last month for a performance at the Sundance Film Festival," but neither of those factoids is entirely accurate. A representative for the Wars assures us that the material was recorded in 2011, and that Sundance performance actually took place in 2012. I imagine the post will be adjusted before long.

Update: RS did indeed correct their post.

A Place at the Table OST track listing:

1. Mississippi Delta - T Bone Burnett
2. Long Time Gone - The Civil Wars & T Bone Burnett
3. Uptown Brown’s - T Bone Burnett
4. Focus (Rosie's Theme) - The Civil Wars
5. At the Table - T Bone Burnett
6. The Need - The Civil Wars & T Bone Burnett
7. Long Time Gone (Dustbowl Version) - The Civil Wars & T Bone Burnett
8. Food Deserts - T Bone Burnett
9. Jonestown Elementary (Tremonica) - T Bone Burnett
10. Getting Worse - The Civil Wars
11. Barbie at the Bodega - The Civil Wars
12. Witnesses to Hunger - T Bone Burnett
13. I Do Exist - T Bone Burnett
14. Finding North - The Civil Wars


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