A Song for Craig: Lurking in the Craigslist 'Musicians' Community [True Love]



Craigslist: bringing sexy back just in time for Valentines.
  • Craigslist: bringing sexy back just in time for Valentine's.
Gluttony: way more fun than it ought to be! And today we once again gorge ourselves on the about-to-be-broken dreams of the lonely denizens of Craigslist. I ain't gonna lie: I'm not above laughing at the misfortunes, bad pictures and grammatical abominations of people who are willing to post these sorts of things for all to see. Cruel? Maybe, but what is music about besides putting your life, your hopes and your soul on display for the world to see? If you didn't want anybody to know about your failings, misgivings and irreparable personality flaws, why would you post these things on Craiglist? Fucked if I know. And yes, I get it, I'm going to hell for this. C'est la vie.

So now join us in mocking the latest and not-so-greatest from our local Craigslist "Musicians Community" in this week's "True Love" edition.


* Not to rain on your parade, guys, but if you don't turn down the quirk you're going to end up with three-headed babies.


* Translation: "I really want a girlfriend but I'm too chickenshit to post a personal ad. Also, I still think it's 2003."


* It was hard for Jim not to fall in love with his bass player. She was the only one that appreciated his "Masturbating Gallagher" fashion sense.


* In a last-ditch attempt to rekindle the flames of their love, Bobby and Edna tried to take their karaoke career pro. Two months later the divorce was final and Edna was shacking up with the pool boy.


* It was a bizarre fetish, humping sheet metal, but John knew there were other people out there just like him.

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