A Ticket, Attack It: Vendors, Venues and Resellers Battle Over Concert Ticket Sales


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ICYMI, Monday's City Paper cover story dives into the fight over how to regulate (or not) concert tickets — as they're pre-sold by brokers posing as the artist, snapped up by the thousands by automated bots, scalped at way above face value, and so on.

[T]he burgeoning secondary ticket market on the Internet — which reportedly accounts for billions of dollars in transactions each year — is the domain of a new kind of scalper, and the impetus for an escalation of hostilities between factions within the ticket-sales industry.

With the new legislative session just getting under way, Tennessee is set to serve as one front in a political proxy-war between ticket-sales giant Ticketmaster and StubHub, the most prominent site for ticket reselling on the web.

Both have started nonprofit organizations dedicated to fighting over the regulation of the secondary market, in state legislatures in Florida, New York and Massachusetts, among others. As their names suggest, both sides claim to be primarily concerned with what’s best for the fans — from StubHub comes the Fan Freedom Project, and from Ticketmaster, the Fans First Coalition.

Read the whole story here. Speaking of the Fan Freedom Project, you might remember the below video, shot outside a Mumford & Sons show at the Ryman, starring some unhappy folks who couldn't transfer their tickets to friends or family due to restrictions ostensibly intended to prevent scalping.


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