U.S. Girls w/Fielded and Slim Twig at The Stone Fox



NSFW as hell.

Just like yesterday, there's an interesting show going on tonight at The Stone Fox, and culture editor Steve Haruch penned a Critic's Pick on it for us. We're talkin' U.S. Girls, Fielded and Slim Twig. Take it away, Steve:

If Bethany Cosentino traded her guitar and weed habit for some junky samplers and a B.A. in conceptual art, she might end up writhing in glitter the way Meghan Remy does in the video for U.S. Girls’ cover of “Jack,” a song written from the perspective of England’s infamous slut-shaming serial killer. (“You’re a sinner and you’ll pay / Oh, it’s a shame / You dress the way you do.”) That is one of two songs Remy sings from a male perspective, the other being a version of Billy Joe Royal’s “Down in the Boondocks” — perhaps a subtle way of flipping the script on all-dude bands assuming feminine monikers, e.g. Girls and Women. Or not. There’s a kind of arch playfulness here; for instance, it’s hard to know how “serious” Remy’s being when she sings, “If times get tight, loosen up your thighs” on the trebly organ-grinding number “Work From Home.” And for all the glammy trappings and reverb-soaked Ronettes-aping, she never really plays the nostalgia-for-’80s-nostalgia-for-the-’60s angle straight. —STEVE HARUCH

Seven bucks, 9 p.m.

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