The Week in Fresh Tracks [Clear Plastic Masks, Tristen, Echo Group, We Own This Town, Megajoos, Elle Macho, Bright Age, Elk]



Well, no shortage of fresh tracks to share with you, so let's not dillydally. First up, newly Nashvillian rock 'n' rollers Clear Plastic Masks recently did a Daytrotter session, wherein they dropped a handful of tracks recorded at Big Light here in town. Also, local songstress Tristen — whose Kickstarter campaign to release her record CAVES is clicking right along on the way to its goal of $20K — recently threw the track "No One's Gonna Know" up on YouTube. Also, folks have been making fan-vid versions of Tristen's "Gold Star," so have a look at some of those. Then you've got Echo Group — whose Challtalk Record Collection was previously released in three installments — issuing the release as one proper LP. Oh yes, and We Own This Town posted their 60th WOTT podcast installment, which happens to be a look back at some of the finest local releases of 2012. Phew. Follow me below to hear even more tunes from Megajoos, Elle Macho, Bright Age and Elk. Look back at past weeks in fresh tracks here, and if you've got something for us, email cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Megajoos, "Sex, Money, Power, Yes!"

In recent months, I've used the following words and phrases to describe local duo Megajoos: fuzzy, raw, thrash-pop, garage metal, drum-and-bass, sludgy, frantic and noisy. The Joos will soon unleash their Mega Deuce (charming), and we'll have more on that here on the Cream. So rather than further describe these dudes' sound, I'll simply embed the little teaser they're offering, "Sex, Money, Power, Yes!," and leave it at that. It's one of those songs where the title is the lyrics and the lyrics are the title. Dig it above or at Megajoos' Bandcamp page.

Elle Macho, Import sample

We recently shared with you Elle Macho's video for "Conquistador" from their forthcoming Import. Well, for a limited time, EM is offering free downloads of five tunes from Import via Noisetrade — limited time as in, like, until the end of today. Better hustle and get your click on if you want to hear some of that angular, three-part-harmonizing indie rock in advance.

Bright Age, In Red

Locals Bright Age have their new EP, In Red, tagged as "space rock" on Bandcamp. I'm of course all for a band calling its sound whatever the hell they want to, but I can't say that In Red sounds to me particularly like the sort of music that's typically referred to as "space rock" — you know, weird, proggy, far-out stuff like Pink Floyd and Hawkwind and sometimes Bowie. But why split hairs? Bright Age makes big, pop-minded, arena-ready, slightly post-punky rock music. Slick production with an emphasis on vocal melody and synths and guitar sounds. Stream In Red above or at Bright Age's Bandcamp page.

Elk, Cocoon

Here's a little blast of wintry, ambient folk for you. Well ... "blast" most certainly isn't the best word in this context. How about "bowl," as in a warm, steaming bowl of introspective, mildly post-rocky folk music for your cold day? Local outfit Elk has a four-song EP called Cocoon, and you can hear that above or download it for any price you like via Elk's Bandcamp page. Tip o' the hat goes to WOTT for hipping us.

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