Grass Widow w/Fancytramp and Psychic Hotline Tonight at The Stone Fox



Happy Monday, my fellow winter-weathering Nashvillians. Too busy watching the Super Bowl last night to see Young Widows at Exit/In and thus hit your weekly quota for bands with "Widow" in their name? No worries. San Fran's Grass Widow will play tonight at The Stone Fox with local bubble-grungers Fancytramp and maniacal punk rockers Psychic Hotline, and Scene culture editor Steve Haruch wrote a Vice-skewering Critic's Pick for tonight's show, and this is how it goes:

Being the subject of the stupidest Vice “album review” ever written — and that’s saying something — is a dubious distinction, for sure. (“Imagine having a sweet, high-pitched lady-voice and getting together with a couple of other women and some guitars and making your slightly different voices all sync up as tautly as your periods.”) But Grass Widow needn’t take any mess off anyone, and the San Francisco-based trio — Hannah Lew, Lillian Maring and Raven Mahon, whose first initials form the name of their record label HLR — ably carry the torch of Bay Area forebears like The Aislers Set, melding post-punk hooks and surfy three-part harmonies over elemental rhythms. Simply put, it’s indie pop in the best sense of the term. And Grass Widow might be the only band going that could make EMF’s “Unbelievable” sound like a long-lost Breeders outtake. —STEVE HARUCH

Hear the EMF cover in question below. Show starts at 9 p.m., and it'll cost you $7.

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