Ripe ’80s Cheese: Legendary Stunt Rock at Logue's This Weekend


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At 8 and 10 p.m. tonight and tomorrow night, Cult Fiction Underground — that's the cool DVD grindhouse located in the basement of Logue's Black Raven Emporium in East Nashville — shows an unheralded classic of WTF cinema: Stunt Rock, a career-topping spectacle from the director of Leprechaun 4: In Space. Here's what we wrote about the movie last year on the Cream's sister blog Country Life:

One of the midnight-movie discoveries of recent years, right up there with Lady Terminator and Mad Foxes, this hugely entertaining whatsit has as its framing device a semi-documentary study of Aussie stuntman Grant Page in Hollywood, which gives an excuse to stitch together jaw-dropping clips of his greatest stunts: flaming leaps, zip-line plummets, car crashes.

What could possibly improve a barely tethered clip reel of beatings, wrecks and fireballs? Director Brian Trenchard-Smith is reading your mind: prog-metal musical numbers! Bring on one of the most awesomely cheesy acts in the history of either music or movies: Sorcery, a sort of proto-GWAR whose pyro-happy live show is built around an elaborate wizards' duel between band members playing Merlin and Satan. Believe us when we say you will watch these scenes; you will rewind these scenes; you will call and text and tweet people you haven't seen since the third-grade school play to describe these scenes, in between desperate gulps of oxygen and fits of hyperventilation. We so wish we could watch this with Gold, D-Pat, Lance and Ashley.

Logue's Black Raven Emporium is located at the corner of Gallatin Road and Trinity Lane.


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