Western Medication's 'The Painted World'; EP out Today [Fresh Vid + Fresh Tracks]



You may recall that The Spin recently hit up Western Medication's EP release show at Jeffery Drag Records bastion and house-show hot spot Mt. Swag. Well, the Meds' The Painted World EP hit racks both physical and digital today, and you can purchase the tracks via iTunes or the 7-inch (on mixed-marble or teal vinyl) via Jeffery Drag.

Western Medication also has a brand-new music video — directed by frontman Justin Landis — for The Painted World's titular tune, and you can view that above. "World" is a wailing, lo-fi, washed-out punk number with a rubbery tempo and a psychedelic music video to match. East Village Radio is currently streaming The Painted World, and you'll find a streamable pair of the EP's tracks below — the latter of which of course had a video that recently premiered at Stereogum. All right. Is that everything? I think that's everything, and thus concludes today's Western Medication media takeover.

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